Ruahine Kindergartens

Kindy kids tear up the kart track

West End Kindergarten


A collection of Palmerston North preschoolers have put the pedal to the metal for a wheely good reason.

More than 45 whiz-kids from West End Kindergarten zipped their way around a track at Kartsport on Shirriffs Rd in Longburn last night for the early childhood centre's wheel-a-thon fundraiser.

The two-hour racing event featured preschool children aged 3 to 5 racing bikes and trikes they had decorated themselves.

Kindergarten head teacher Sylvie Ker said as well as having family-focused fun time at the wheel-a-thon, the children were also learning about healthy habits and exercise.

"We've had lots of questions and comments from the children about the concept of healthy eating and healthy foods," Ker said.

"They know all about fuelling their bodies; 'just like car' is what they say. They've become more conscious about what's in their lunch boxes when they're coming to kindergarten and they're quick to point out to the other kids what's good and bad.

"It's quite good actually because it get the kids talking among their peers about what they're eating."

The wheel-a-thon also acted as a fundraiser for the kindergarten's produce gardens and was raising awareness of the 5+ A Day scheme. Donations and sponsorship were based on the number of laps completed by the children and the money raised will help the kindergarten purchase plants and seedlings for its garden.

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