Ruahine Kindergartens

Kindergarten and Home-Based Care, the perfect pair!

Ruahine Home-Based has been set up to support families with high quality care and education for children of all ages, including those who attend Kindergarten.  

Our Educators provide nurturing care and education in their own homes for babies, toddlers and young children, with flexible hours and Kindergarten drop-offs and pick-ups for children who attend.  

Our Home-Based programme is based around children's interests and because of this, can include a wide variety of activities. Children can get involved in activities such as cooking and baking, helping care for animals and gardening.  They go on outings to playgroups, music, parks, playgrounds, the supermarket and library, which builds knowledge and understanding of our community and the people in it.  These activities inspire new and exciting learning opportunities.

Our Educators strive to build strong, trusting and respectful relationships with the children in their care and their families.  Each Educator is police checked (as are all adults 17 years or over in the home) and has a current First Aid Certificate, as well as access to continuous professional development from Ruahine Kindergarten Association.

Their homes are safe and welcoming as homes should be, and are regularly checked by our Visiting Teachers.  Educators can have up to four children in their care (including their own), with up to two children under two years of age.  Each child is set up with an Educa online portfolio which families can access and add to at any time and has their own Pukapuka Râ (Daily Book) which goes between care and home each day for communication between parents/caregivers and Educators.


Our Educators

We are busy recruiting for suitable Educators.  If you are positive, caring and passionate about working with children and share a genuine interest in providing high quality care and education from your own home, please contact Trace, our Home-Based Coordinator on 022 657 9833.

If you are a parent or caregiver looking for quality, flexible, Home-Based care for your baby, toddler or young child (including care before and after Kindergarten if your child attends), please contact our Home-Based Coordinator on 022 657 9833 or email:


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The Community is Our Playroom


For Ruahine Home-Based Educators and children, the community is their playroom.  Educators aren't liited by the home environment which makes for a rich and exciting range of experiences.

Educators take full advantage of how easy everything is to access in the region. Going out into our community is a favourite pastime, and an amazing way to explore and extend children’s varying interests. 

“The community is our classroom,” says Home-Based Coordinator Trace Stevens.  If a child shows an interest in anything, Educators can follow that interest then and there – with parental permission. 

Whether it’s exploring an interest in butterflies at Apollo Park, Palmerston North, visiting the aerodrome in Feilding to extend knowledge about aeroplanes, or testing their physical capabilities in one of the over 50 parks or playgrounds available in the area, the day’s activities can suit the children.

Physical play is important for developing a child’s fine motor skills. They also learn about spatial relationships, balance, co-ordination and problem solving.

Playing outdoors also gives an appreciation of the natural environment.

Every experience, new place or park holds exciting challenges and adventures. If a child masters the equipment at a playground, there is always a new one to explore or rediscover – Educators and children are only limited by their imaginations.