Ruahine Kindergartens

Let's talk about respect


Respecting babies, toddlers and young children in all interactions is a guiding principle of Ruahine Home-Based.

Home-Based service coordinator Trace Stevens says respect means always talking to children, involving them in the process and letting them know what you are going to do, before you do it, from blowing a child’s nose to changing a baby’s nappy.

She says Educators work hard to ensure they never ambush children without warning, for instance, swooping in from behind to remove a jersey.

“It’s really about involving children in everything you do and allowing them to be part of it.”

Dressing, nappy changes, bathing and feeding times are all opportunities to connect with warm respectful interactions.

Even when babies are only a few weeks old they are able to participate in routines and are building relationships with the adults around them.

As Trace explains “children of all ages deserve respectful relationships.” By being treated respectfully children will learn how to be respectful towards others. “Children learn by example.”

Ruahine Home-Based has its own ‘Respect for children policy’ that outlines the main principles for Educators. This includes acknowledging children’s emotions and supporting them when things are hard, and working through routines at a child’s pace so children feel respected and capable.